Let’s 10 of Swords this shit and move on!


Have you ever thought and discussed a situation to death?

Have you ever been so fed up with something that you can taste it?

Have you ever agonized over something so much that you’re defeated before even dealing with it?

Have you ever been so ready to move on from something that that the mere thought of it makes you sick?

Is there a story you’ve been repeating in your head, to your friends, to anyone around, and within your life, to the point that even you’re tired of hearing it?

This is the 10 of Swords. It says you’ve hashed it over and over from end to end, and it’s time to turn a away and move on. To stop repeating a pattern that has left you miserable and (feeling) lonely. That you’ve focussed so deeply on one side of the story that you’re missing out on life. That you can’t see the dawn for the puddle of blood, betrayal, hurt, and anger that you’re lying in.

Well, honey, that putrid puddle of blood is attracting flies… and it stinks.

The 10 of Swords is a smack in the face that says, “snap out of it!”


This isn’t necessarily a “bad” card, although most people are not terribly happy to see it come up.

What it says, though, is:


No, really, it’s done. Like, really. Nothing further to be gained here. Don’t even turn around and go back. Revisiting this is not helping you.

Change the track. Find a new story. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day—possibly even a new life!

Even better if it shows up reversed—it’s actually a far less violent message—the swords fall out.

Reversed, it says: “just drop it. Let it go.”


So, at the risk of over-intellectualizing this card, sometimes you just have to say:

Let’s 10 of Swords this shit, n move on!

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