Happy World Tarot Day!

To celebrate, I am entering anyone who comments on this post in a draw for a FREE READING! In your comment, please state where in the world you are, and how you came across this page. If you like, also share a short sentence of what Tarot is to you, or your favorite card. Also, in…

Test Reading, Prisma Visions

My friend Loreen volunteered to be a guinea pig for me to do a test reading with a new deck, the Prisma Visions Tarot (review forthcoming). Loreen is in the process of starting up her intuitive business, and asked about what she needs to do to find her voice, speak more confidently, and release self-doubt. Some…

Strength and Justice: do the numbers matter?

Ever have a case of double-identity? These Majors sure do! Strength to Justice: “You’re an 8” Justice to Strength: “No, you’re an 8, I’m an 11″ Strength to Justice: “I talk about decision, you talk about balance” Justice to Strength: “Wait, I thought I talked about decision, and you talked about balance?” Hmmm… this could…

Walking through the Unknown Wilderness of consciousness

I can’t tell you how much I love this deck — but I’ll try. The Wild Unknown’s creator Kim Krans has captured the essence of each card, the art is at once stark and minimal, but deeply rich in mood and meaning. A truly unique and iconic deck with only winks and nods to earlier traditions….

Tarot of Hope

You may have noticed a background change! I’m currently involved in a collaborative deck called Tarot of Hope that a friend of mine initiated as a collaborative deck which we will donate all proceeds to the Fred Hollows Foundation — an organization that restores sight through surgeries and preventative measures to both correct and avoid blindness….

Acrostic Tarot

Originally posted on Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways:
An enjoyable, and creative way to pay homage to a tarot card and to gain fresh ideas about it is to use the card as a springboard for an acrostic poem.  To do this, write a card’s name or its keyword vertically on the left side of…

10 Methods for learning your new deck(s)

We’ve all been there: up late at night on Amazon or Ebay with credit card in hand… and before you know it, 3, 4, or 10 new decks are now part of your collection.

I know your pain. I’ve been there. I am there now. I will be there again.