Acrostic Tarot

Queen of Cups: Reflection

Reigning her interior waters,
Emotions through her
Flow—she is one with the sea.
Lovingly draped in her
Elegant poise, she
Casts sail.
Timely and mature
Intuitive and caring
On tides’ ebb, the
Nurturer wakes

Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways

An enjoyable, and creative way to pay homage to a tarot card and to gain fresh ideas about it is to use the card as a springboard for an acrostic poem.  To do this, write a card’s name or its keyword vertically on the left side of your page then fill in the lines as spontaneously as possible, using the picture as added inspiration, if you like.  This isn’t about creating literary masterpieces, but rather is about spontaneous expression, so just go with it.  Here’s an example from the card I pulled for myself today, the 3 of Worlds from the Voyager Tarot.  This morning, I chose to use the printed keyword, “nurturing”, as the basis for my acrostic poem.

three_worlds_voyager_lg (1)

now is a good time to sprout

under the auspices of the mother,

rejoice in what you already have

to see it grow and thrive,

until you’re grateful for…

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