Tarot of Hope

You may have noticed a background change!

I’m currently involved in a collaborative deck called Tarot of Hope that a friend of mine initiated as a collaborative deck which we will donate all proceeds to the Fred Hollows Foundation — an organization that restores sight through surgeries and preventative measures to both correct and avoid blindness.

We are in the middle of creation, with many cards still available to anyone who would like to donate an image to our deck. As a contributor, you will be sent a free deck as decks are sold, but you can of course waive your deck to donate those proceeds directly to the FHF. We have priced the deck so that each and every deck will restore sight to one person in need.

The new background is the card back, which I designed, and the image will be used for promotional material as well:

Hope Poster

If you would like to contribute, click the poster and join the Facebook group for creators. You will be assigned a card at random from among those still available. You will still retain the rights to your art so that you can use it again for your own projects.

Stay tuned, I will post more about the project again as we near completion and when it is available.

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