It’s getting there…

Orbifold Promo

A few sample decks arrived yesterday, and although it’s great to see everything in print, I am glad that I will not be going with this printer. Nonetheless, it’s great to be able to evaluate my design on the physical cards and see how they interact, what things are good and what things can be better… I already have a few minor changes I’d like to make, and I will await feedback from the select few who will be getting early-release samples for any further tweaks.

IMG_1587  IMG_1588

But I’ve also gotten photos of the proof sheets from the printer I do plan on using, and the colours look spectacular 😀

Sample shotThese high gloss samples are nearly ready to be sent from the printers! When they arrive, I will start an indigogo so that I can keep costs as low as possible.

As soon as they arrive, I will be posting a video of the printed deck and launch the indigogo.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported me in this!

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  1. Loreen says:

    Really exciting Michael!! I simply can’t wait to see them and begin the magnificent exploration of the conversations had with this deck!!

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  2. I have to say as I’ve been working with various Strength cards all week that your Strength card packs a punch for me. It really works and I would have wondered if a deck such as this would “click” with me but I’m going to be keeping an eye on this one!

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    1. Maveriker says:

      Thank you so much! I had actually changed that one a few times before I arrived at that one… I’m glad I did!


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