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I’m having way too much fun playing with my deck, the Orbifold Tarot… Seeing the built-in connections and how they play out on the table is just fascinating. Patterns revealed from pure randomness; randomness generating uncanny patterns. It’s so simple, bringing focus to some aspect of complexity, looking at the interaction, and then folding it all back into the deck.

The mind unfolds, then collapses. Unfolds again, and collapses yet again… endlessly. The numbers increase and decrease in rising and falling waves… the cards fall on the table in rhythmic tides. Elements combine, mingle, create, and return to their essence, dissolving back into nothingness only to re-form in both purity and combination.

It seems the 4-card reading is showing the best results for creating enough space for a pattern to emerge, enough restraint to prevent total chaos. Given that it’s a 4-element system, this makes perfect sense. 3 and 5 card readings seem to work well too, but 4 just seems right. It also shows the relationships between Majors, Minors, and Courts the best.


Interestingly, I also thought that if 4-card draws work well, being a 4-element system, I tried one 10-card, laid out like a wheel to replicate the cycle from Ace to 10… and the first card turned was X—The Wheel! I’ll have to play with the Wheel spread a bit more… probably most appropriate for more complex inquiries, where the full cycle is in question.

Stay tuned for some videos!

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