Tarot: the Boring and the Fasinating


Well done, James. Funny how the cards echo the same answers…

Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways

Yesterday, I posed two questions on Facebook:

  1. What bores you the most in the world of tarot?
  2. What might be a fascinating alternative to that thing?

The varied responses, from my point of view, can be sugared down to:

  1. What bores most people is the tarot being treated as some sort of authoritarian “ism” (i.e. “This deck/spread/meaning/school of thought/book/etc. is right and that deck/spread/meaning/book/etc. is wrong, so you’d better get/use/know/adhere to/read this.”) and the deck as a relic that’s only for readings about surface matters.
  2. What might be a fascinating alternative would be to listen to, witness, honour, and respect the diverse roles that the tarot (and spreads, processes, books, etc.) can play.  People also seem to want experiences or encounters with the tarot that take them into experiences/encounters with something deeper and larger (the soul, interconnectedness, nature, our world, cultural change).

Today, I posed the same two…

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  1. jameswells says:

    It was almost amusing to see people’s responses mirrored in the cards in a perhaps more blunt manner.

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    1. Maveriker says:

      4 = stagnancy
      A = newness, root
      Add ’em up…
      5 = change

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