The Four Elements: Links between Tarot and Astrology

Well done! This may also help new users of the Orbifold…

Arrow in Flight

When it comes to metaphysical disciplines, I’m a huge fan of Tarot and Astrology. Both are rich, fascinating, and deep as fractals, and they each provide their adherents with methods for peering into the very fabric of reality. However, beyond those overall similarities, the two are extremely different systems. One thing they do share, though, is a fundamental embracing of the classical worldview that everything in existence can be broken down into four “Elements.”

This theory originated with the Greek philosopher Empedocles, who held that everything is composed of some combination of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. This notion, or some variation of it, was then embraced by virtually every major culture and philosophical belief system that came about in its wake. As civilization evolved, humanity began to regard Empedocles’ concepts in more of a metaphorical light, rather than as literal truth, but his work remains hugely influential in modern…

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