The Tyldwick Tarot — a review and sample reading

I’ve had this deck around 6 weeks now, and it is one of those treasures whose richness radiates from its mere presence—but its full depth can only be experienced through quiet and solitary study, letting its world sink into the unconscious and watching how that world resurfaces in the conscious mind. Instead of depicting people…

A Glimpse at the Pre-Release Orbifold Tarot

Originally posted on benebell wen:
The Orbifold Tarot comes from the inventive mind of Michael Bridge-Dickson and I have been granted the privilege of reviewing a pre-release version. The Orbifold Tarot is grounded on the cosmological principles of sacred geometry, a cross-cultural concept that the physical world and its metaphysical dimension can be expressed through…

Orbifold on Aeclectic

For any of you interested in discussing the Orbifold, including asking any questions or just learning more about the deck, I have started a new thread on Aclectic tarot specifically to do that. I welcome any contributions or topics of discussion. The thread can be found here I’ve also started a study group for a…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #9

The world is your oyster, but you need to stand out from the crowd. Take actions that subvert the traditional, and yet still educate… this is your secret weapon! #OrbifoldTarot #SMOTO  

Tarot: the Boring and the Fasinating

Originally posted on Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways:
Yesterday, I posed two questions on Facebook: What bores you the most in the world of tarot? What might be a fascinating alternative to that thing? The varied responses, from my point of view, can be sugared down to: What bores most people is the tarot being…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #8

Careful consideration of the emotional impact of action has lead to emotional fulfillment. From here, passion erupts abundantly — just be careful not to get stuck in a reactive cycle that is not tempered by previously tapped emotional consciousness. Move forward and act with confidence backed by emotional fulfillment. #OrbifoldTarot  

Short Musings on the Orbifold #7

Destruction of something worked hard to achieve requires pragmatic distribution of resources invested in a fresh start. Calm the mind’s instability through change by anchoring in the fluid sensations of breath and the feelings associated with change, and avoid reacting against those feelings. Instead, flow with them and let inner wisdom guide. #OrbifoldTarot  

Short Musings on the Orbifold #6

Careful and structured study leads the initiate toward a new level of emotional maturity. The mind learns to express what is in the heart. #OrbifoldTarot  

My YouTube channel!

Some of you may already have noticed my YouTube videos featuring The Orbifold Tarot, but I plan on making the channel more than just promotive, including discussion and educational material as well. This is first video is on Meditation and some of the challenges we face due to some misconceptions about the practice.