Reading the Orbifold’s Court Cards — Knights

From the Pages — the root of Earth within mastery of their Element — we continue on to the Knights, who are the drive and action within the mastery of their Element. Where the Pages ground their Element, finding practicality in the completion of their Element’s cycle, the Knights take their Element and put it into Action.

In the same way that we looked at Pages as being the completion of their Element plus the seed of Earth, the Knights can be seen the same way — from the 9 or 10 of each Element, a spark of Fire grows within, and begets a cycle of Fire. The Knights are the merging point between fire and the other Elements, and tend to incite the greatest degree of change… even if sometimes that change is through destruction. Nonetheless, the essence of their element remains.

Containing the seed of Fire within their Element, the Knights create the will and desire to carry the Element forth into the world. Because Knights are all action, they can be reckless, not having the wisdom of Air backing their actions. At the same time, they do not let their minds hold them back — they are ready to go at any time. Their action is outgoing, passionate, and quite quick. The Knights also carry a power behind them, changing each element into an active force:

Knight of AirActive Intellect

This Knight is brilliantly intellectual, grasping ideas and difficult concepts easily and immediately. This is one with a sharp mind, who does not let thought stop or stall the actions required to realize grand ideas, and yet has the smarts to execute those ideas well. The Knight of Fire is witty and quick to joke, but can also be unknowingly hurtful with a sharp tongue.


Knight of FireActive Drive

The Knight of Fire is all action. This is a person who gets things done, but without much planning ahead of time — this can either lead to grand achievements, or terrible failure. This all-or-nothing attitude can also lead to burnout, even if earlier endeavours were wildly successful.


Knight of WaterActive Sensation

The Knight of Water is passionate and hedonistic. Seeking sensual pleasure is a primary goal — this is not necessarily sexual, but the Knight of Water certainly like to feel good and will do what it takes to gain those sensations. From passion comes compassion, and sensual pleasure can lead to charity since it feels good to give. Anything that doesn’t feel good to this Knight will be actively avoided, and anything that feels good will be actively sought out.


Knight of EarthActive Presence

This Knight likes to be involved in practical aspects of life — perhaps as a builder, a nature conservationist, or in the pure physical benefit of bodywork. Unlike the Knight of Water, Knight of Earth will sacrifice personal pleasure for the stability of community. The Knight of Earth is also resourceful, good at handiwork and producing physical objects, not just realizing ideas, and is unafraid to get a little dirty in the process. Knight of Earth is the slowest of the Knights, but is still quite active, even if it is a quieter, more consistent kind of action rather than the short bursts of the Knight of Air or the raging blaze seen with the Knight of Fire.


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