A New Moon and 18 days

Happy New Moon everyone!

18 days left to support the Orbifold… May these orbs reveal the hidden realms of your psyche, layer by layer by layer…

With each cycle, the unconscious reveals itself and turns more material into hidden fodder, the mind continually waxing and waning in what it turns up into the tide of intuition at the full moon and recedes back into the subconscious, hidden for further processing during the new moon. As the moon begins waxing again, the current cycle’s fodder gradually unravels — pay close attention to the subtle clues the mind chooses to show to the conscious mind in dream states and when the mind is at rest. The tide is just coming in; will you watch the waters rise, or get drowned at high tide?

Support the Orbifold Tarot and see how it can churn the mind as the moon churns the oceans.



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