Orbifold Basics Instructional Series

Catherine's Square

Some of you may already have watched several of the Orbifold basics videos, and others I’ve put out on the deck, and to make your viewing easier I have set all of the Basics series (so far, a few more to come) in a YouTube playlist:

There is also a longer, more complete playlist on everything Orbifold, including interviews, slightly more advanced concepts, such as Magick, Meditation, Circle Casting, etc, along with some other interesting videos that are not specifically about the deck. That full playlist on everything Orbifold is here:

Stay tuned, there are many more videos coming, including possible spreads with the Orbifold, now that I’ve covered most of the basics.

Funding for the Orbifold Tarot ends on September 1! You can still order after that date, but you may lose out on some of the specials and draws!

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