Orbifold Tarot Update

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting your copy of The Orbifold Tarot, originally scheduled for delivery by the end of September.

There have been some major setbacks with the printers, which I am sorting out as quickly as I possibly can — a terribly trying task in patience due to time, cultural, and language issues, which mean that drilling down to the cause of an extremely disappointing recent sample took over a week to get to the bottom of, and since then further misinformation regarding the best solution to those problems… causing me to spend a lot time on altering files.

This does mean a delay in production. Know that I am spending all of my free time working to sort it all out. It is difficult to assess at this point how long it will take, because of the communication difficulties mentioned above, and I want to ensure that everything is perfect before going ahead with production.

I will go ahead with final production once I am assured that the quality will be as good or better than my initial samples from the same printer, which were near perfect — at least far better than the recent proof, which is why I was so surprised, frustrated, and disappointed in the latest one, based on previous samples of this project and others, I could not have expected such a discrepancy in quality.

Unfortunately, there are no other options at this production size; I’ve investigated many alternatives, and none are viable.

Please understand that I am working my hardest to deliver the best quality product as quickly as possible. You may have noticed a marked drop in my online presence since the campaign close: this is entirely due to me dedicating my time to solving these unforeseen problems.

I hope to be shipping before the end of this month, but should have a more accurate ETA within the next week.

I apologize for the delay and I thank you all for your support, patience, and understanding.

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  1. Loreen says:

    Complete faith that you’ll get it all sorted out and it will be even better than imagined when all is said and done! This deck is SO WORTH THE WAIT! Hang in there, thinking of you and wishing you smooth sailing form here on out.

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