Looking into 2016 with The Orbifold Tarot

In the spirit of looking ahead to 2016, I thought I’d share my personal ‪#‎yearaheadspread2016‬ using the Orbifold Tarot!

This variation of the many year ahead forecasts uses the deck’s three sections for a distinct purpose each — a Major for the overall theme of the year, 4 Courts for the quarterly themes, and 12 Minors for a monthly breakdown:

1. Separate your Majors, Courts, and Minors

2. Shuffle the Courts and lay them out in the central wheel — this is a seasonal/quarterly overview

3. Shuffle the Minors and lay them around the central wheel — each minor gives a monthly overview, and gives more detail about the Court residing over each quarter

4. Shuffle the Majors and deal it into the centre. See how this Major, which gives the overall theme of the year, relates to each section of the spread

5. Have fun and play with the interactions!

Here’s mine:


Looks like I have a pretty good balance of all 4 Elements, with a little bit more Air and Fire dominating everything 😛

The next three months are dominated by action, with a practical side. Very true; my early year will continue to be busy as I finish production of the deck, but also finish off and produce my upcoming yoga book and start on the many adjunct products that go along with that book. Looking at the three Minors for January, February, and March, and using my “absent Major” method of combining Elements to find the corresponding Major, these three months also relate to The Empress — totally fitting!

April, May, and June are very Air dominated, with a reflective or emotional transition in early spring as I shift from practical action to another much more intellectual phase, possibly with regard to my teaching, or maybe again with my writing. This quarter also corresponds with an “absent Major”: The Hierophant.

This Airy thought realm continues through my summer with another shift back into the practical and active. This could very well be a forced, rather than voluntary shift, as the corresponding absent Major here is The Tower. Good planning in the spring may help me rebuild a new foundation in the summer and early fall. It looks like a necessary disruption, though, as I’m probably going to stay in my head around this time, maybe even getting stuck there, so that fiery/destructive influence may serve me well…

And finally, in the fall/early winter, there is a more certain return to that practical action theme — this time more practical, less action! Steady, measured action more like. Persistent, and nothing too sudden, and this is “tempered” by the absent major for the three Minors in this quarter — Temperance! All 4 Elements come into play in this quarter, too, leading to our centre card, The Magician.

Overall, looks like a magical year with a couple of emotional extremes, steady practicality, plenty of active production without extremes, and a pretty heady intellectual year…

There’s more detail, but I’ll leave it at that for now 😀

Feel free to share yours (using any deck you like of course)!

If you’d like your own personal Year Ahead Spread for 2016 with the Orbifold feel free to contact me here.

Order your own copy of the Orbifold Tarot here.


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