2-Card Readings: Pairspectives Series

I’d like to start a series on 2-card readings with different possibilities on how to do them. So far, I have no idea what to call the series, but it’s very much in keeping with the reflective | perspective theme here at Mirrors of Consciousness [Edit: thanks to my friend Catherine, I think “Pairspectives” is a great name for the series!]. I’d also like to make the methods applicable to any deck, not just Orbifold-centric.

I was inspired by a post a few days ago by a fellow tarot reader looking for a new way to spice up card-of-the-day drawings, and there seems to be a pull toward them.

So, what is it about 2-card drawings that is so intriguing?

I think part of it is that at a certain point, we start to understand that the cards, like us, have their limitations when viewed alone and separately — they really come alive when viewed in relationship. We, too, are ourselves in relationship with those around us, our environment, and even in our ability to view ourselves from another perspective, to gain some objectivity. Even looking in the mirror is a method we use to create definition of ourselves — a visual relationship that gives us insight.

So before starting this series, an exercise:
(and it’s a challenging one, but a great way to start a new year, or indeed any new cycle, and it’ll set the pace for some of the 2-card readings to come)

  1. Stand or sit in front of a mirror. Bathroom mirrors are great.
  2. Look into your own eyes. Notice whether you avert your gaze or not.
  3. Look into your own eyes as though meeting a new person for the very first time. What do you see?
  4. Look into your own eyes and think about the things you believe about yourself. To keep these beliefs balanced, pick 3 positive and 3 negative things. If possible, also pick 3 neutral traits. Looking into your eyes, as though meeting yourself for the first time, which of those traits do you see, and which do you not?
  5. Think about what others believe about you. Again, pick 3 positive, 3 negative, and if possible, 3 neutral. Looking into your eyes, which of those traits do you see?
  6. Think of something (or somethings) that you WANT to see in yourself, but perhaps don’t — at least not at the moment. Keep looking at yourself, and FIND that thing or those things. Take as long as you need, but try not to berate yourself for not seeing them. They are there, just keep looking.
  7. Think of something you don’t want to see in yourself (or others to see in you). Do not reject this, observe it and accept it as part of who you are — but observe it as just that: a part, and see if there is a relationship between that aspect you want to see in yourself, and that aspect you don’t. How are they related to each other, and how does the positive trait stem from the negative one — or vice versa?
  8. If there’s space, step back and unfocus your eyes a bit, taking in not only the whole image of YOU, but the space around you and the things you’ve explored. View yourself as a whole, made up of many different and often conflicting parts that are all interrelated.

This could be taken many steps further, but this already is a very deep and powerful exercise!

In the coming days/weeks, I’ll post various 2-card spreads and perhaps some other thoughts on dualities that will help understand this exercise and viewing the upcoming Pairspectives.

In the meantime, find a mirror and reflect on your consciousness!


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  1. Ooooh! Let me give this a try. Thank you, Michael. I look forward to the series!

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    1. Michael says:

      Let me know how it goes!


  2. leducdor says:

    Hi Michael! As you may or may not know, I regularly do a daily 2-card reading on my blog, The Fool’s Tarot, http://thefoolstarot.blogspot.fr , that I quite often publish on the Tarot Professionals page on Facebook as well in the mornings. I use a system I invented, very simple, I call “The Scales of Ma’at.” the 1st card stands for my Heart that day, the 2nd card is The Feather of Truth which is weighed in the balance with my Heart. (Mythologically, if your heart was heavier than the Feather of Truth, you were annihilated from the afterlife.) I don’t make the comparison that drastic; I use the 1st card to explore Those indicated tendencies on my Heart today, and then cast the light of the Feather of Truth found in the 2nd card UPON the 1st, a bit like, “That’s your heart, now here’s what you need to bring Truth and Light into that corner, or reinforce it, or fight it.” The 2 cards together give me a deeper answer for my day, what my Heart is REALLY about at the moment, and what I should focus upon for the day to maximize the situation to my benefit.

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    1. Michael says:

      Yes, of course I know your Scales of Ma’at! I don’t always read them, but it sounds very similar to what my first Pairspective will be about… reading two cards as though they were one. That will go up tomorrow, but I have a few other 2-card methods up my sleeve too, that I hope you will find interesting 🙂

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