Choosing the “Right” Tarot Deck

Short, sweet, and helpful — a post about choosing decks from my friend James Wells 🙂

Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways


In online fora and in conversations with prospective students, I’m often asked, “James, what’s a good beginner’s tarot deck?”  My answer is that I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as a beginner’s deck or an advanced person’s deck. There’s a world of images out there and all tarot packs are fair game.  I never impose any particular set of cards on my students. Some things to bear in mind about selecting a tarot deck include:

* Aesthetics. Is it visually appealing? Would you enjoy being in a room if its walls had these tarot images on it?

* Symbolism. Do the cards contain symbols that intrigue you, that you understand or want to know more about?

* Philosophy. In what worldview is the deck rooted? What is the deck creator’s way of experiencing and understanding existence? Is it a philosophy that you espouse or would…

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