February Friday Fever!

Happy Friday, everyone! Melt those winter blues and pre-heat into spring… Introducing February Friday Fever!

For the month of February, I am offering a 33% discount on readings booked for Fridays — there are only 5 spots available for each Friday!

Additionally, each Friday will feature a different available reading:

Friday February 5:

A Pairspectives reading. These are 2-card readings that can be surprisingly deep for their simplicity! Depending on your query, I will use one of the already published Pairspectives methods, or one that is part of the series but not yet published. It is about a 20-30 minute reading, but will not exceed 40 minutes.

— $20 ($30-33%)

Friday February 12:

A Layered Four Elements Life Path reading. This method was shown to me by James Wells, and unfolds your Life Path number through the Four Elements. Calculate your Life Path number by adding together the numbers of your birthday, month, and year, so for someone born on Friday February 12, 2016, it would be 02+12+20+16=50. Then reduce to a single digit (or two-digit number under 22), so 5+0=5. I can calculate this for you if you prefer, but if you’d rather not share your birthday, you can calculate the number yourself before the reading. The reading itself will take about an hour, but will not exceed 75 minutes.

— $40 ($60-33%)

Friday February 19:

A Bridging-the-Gaps reading. This layered, comprehensive 15-card method takes into consideration your current situation, the immediate past, internal circumstances, external influences, and the outcome or advice. It bridges these aspects by utilizing an “Absent Major” method as a useful way to fill the gaps and understand the direction a situation is taking. The reading itself will take about an hour, not exceeding 75 minutes.

— $40 ($60-33%)

Friday February 26:

An Elemental Unfolding reading. This method uses the entire deck in a variant of the Opening of the Keys, first operation. It is modified to suit the Orbifold Tarot, and is an extensive process that will give you plenty to ponder in all fours aspects of your life. The reading itself will be at least 60 minutes, and may take up to (but not more than) 90 minutes.

— $50 ($75-33%)


Book early; only 5 spots available for each Friday!

Send me an email and with your preferred date/reading and times available.


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