A year in review, and top 10

It’s my Blogiversary!

One year ago today, I began this blog — and what a year it has been!

My first post was a response to the unease I felt in witnessing the reactivity among some members of the online tarot community, and I felt that another reactive comment was not necessary, but rather a step back to observe what was behind that reactivity was in order for all of us.

Back then, I was finding a deeper relationship with the cards. I was experiencing a bit of a breakthrough beyond just learning the standard meanings, and seeing how they applied to my existing spiritual practice. I was eager to share my views and experiences, even if only with my closest friends.

I continued blogging about individual cards and techniques, and soon I was also sharing thoughts on different decks I was acquiring and working with.

Before long, I’d developed a small following, and several new friends, all asking: “So, when are you going to design your own deck?”

I’d thought of it of course, but I couldn’t picture that happening for some time far in the future… Then, in a flash! Some more things clicked for me as I was reading: I found that I what I was searching for in the decks I was collecting, using, and comparing, was tarot’s underlying structure — the unifying scaffolding underneath all tarot.

It was then that I decided that yes, I would design my own deck — then, just intended for personal use — and I wanted it to be as simple as possible, while still being visually appealing as well as being readable. After a little research, planning, and experimentation with different concepts, I started working with circles… it worked! Simple, but effective; beautiful and communicative.

What started as a simple exercise grew, and I decided it was worth marketing. At that point, the blog shifted markedly to being Orbi-centric, though I still wanted to provide more general and useful tarot-related content, not just use the blog as a marketing platform for the Orbifold. At the same time, I designed it as a teaching tool, too — an extension to the concepts I was already exploring.

This is all just to say that moving forward, I plan on keeping the content diverse: reviews, techniques, individual card insights, spreads, rumination on different aspects of tarot in general, and of course, material on the Orbifold.

I’m particularly pleased with the Pairspectives series, all about ways to look at tw0-card readings. The series is currently about half-done, and I plan to return to it soon. What I particularly like about the series is that it provides first a theoretical or generic way to look at and think about tarot in one post, and then a related way to apply that to a two-card reading, each lending a new perspective to such a simple form. Do check out the series if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, to celebrate my blogiversary, here are the top 10 posts from the last year of 100 reflections from Mirrors of Consciousness:

  1. Top 10 Methods for learning your new Deck(s)
  2. Deck Anatomy
  3. The Tyldwick Tarot — a review and sample reading
  4. Test Reading, Prisma Visions
  5. Top 3 things to consider when buying a new tarot deck
  6. 2-Card Readings: Pairspectives Series
  7. Walking through the Unknown Wilderness of consciousness
  8. Enrique Enriquez and I discuss the Orbifold, Part 1: Is Geometry the Soul of Things?
  9. Pairspectives #1: Cut Deep
  10. Giving your Presence

Thank you all for a wonderful first year, and here’s to many more!

If you have topic you’d like to see a reflective | perspective on here, please let me know!

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