Turning the Wheel to 2017

The Wheel is always turning, whether we mark that turn or not. Nonetheless, it is easy to let the Wheel turn without acknowledgement, and so we recognize turns of the Wheel and honor them at certain points.



Here I’ve drawn the cards that numerically represent 2017: The Wheel comes first, not only to acknowledge the turning of the calendar, but also as the addition of 2, 0, 1, and 7. A year of both completion and new cycles, as 10 also reduces to 1.

The next row are trumps 20 and 17 — a call to better action, moving from harsh words and analyses through processing those judgements deeply within our own being and reflection toward a more altruistic use of our sharp mental capacity and easy access to informational and communicative technology. This is not so much a prediction, as it is more a wishful recommendation… a wish made upon a Star, trump 17. If we can rise to the greatest expressions of our minds, we can then pour compassion on our fellows, ourselves, and our Earth, which nourishes all of us.

If we look at how this position transitions from 16 to 17, we can think also of the transition from The Tower to The Star — there is little argument that 2016 was a Tower-dominant year in many ways, and so if the progression within the tarot continues, there is optimism in the year to come being Star-dominant — but it must happen from within us.

Third row, the trumps of each digit of 2017. The first 3 represent slower-moving cycles, that continue from last year into this year and the next. The 2000s are famously “the Information Age” — aptly represented by The High Priestess, but we are young in this Information Age, in that the information is readily available — more information than we’ve ever had access to at a single time before — but more is not always better: we don’t always know how to sort out what is useful or valuable from the excess of noise.

It’s new territory, and like The Fool, we are leaping wholly forward throughout this century into this sea of information and navigating through it freshly, naively, but learning along the way. We are, in this decade, learning the tool of information and how to use it and how it can be used fruitfully or destructively. Like The Magician, the tools are at our disposal — now we must ask and answer: how will we use the tools we have?

Finally, 2016 saw many divisive choices. Opposites collided, and the choices have been made, and now in the last position we have The Chariot. There is no going back, only moving forward — but will the driver retain control of the vehicle, or will it be torn apart as the black horse and white horse run in opposite directions? And what of the direction and impact that Chariot will have? Will we, as Magical Charioteers, reconcile the dark and the light with the practical and theoretical? The Wheel will turn regardless, but perhaps we can steer it along positively.

Ultimately, this is a year of agency, of individual soul-searching, yes, but also of taking consciously decisive steps individually, culturally, and globally — and doing so in a way that is healing and develops caring connections between each other and our environment.

May we navigate 2017 awakened, compassionate, free, and healthy.

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