Tarot interpretations offering reflective perspectives that help you see situations in a new light.

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I’m Michael, a Montreal-based Tarot Reader, Body Intelligence Educator, and Devil’s Advocate.

Long-time yogi, teacher, and enthusiast of the esoteric and arcane, people seek me out as a compassionate but objective listener. My guidance is direct and honest, tempered by practical methods for embodiment and empowerment.

For me, spiritual practice is based on self-reflection and inquiry. Sometimes, however, the journey inward is blocked and may require an external mirror to point you in the right direction. This is how I use Tarot—it is a way of outwardly seeing how and where to go inward. This approach to Tarot is heavily influenced by a yogic framework that recognizes the intrinsic  connections between solid physical awareness, emotional maturity, mental clarity, and spiritual consciousness. This view sees the physical and spiritual worlds as inseparable, and the Tarot reflects that.

I do not claim to be psychic, but I may be able to recognize trends that contribute to how your stories play out, and offer insights on how to manage those trends through meditation, inquiry, and investigation. These practices will rarely rest on the surface, but will instead give you tools to dive into your own being.

I can provide a very brief outline of the spread positions and cards drawn after Skype Reflections as well at your request. This document will not include interpretive text.

For in-person Reflections, you are welcome to take photos of the spread and cards drawn for your own later reflection.

Please review my Services and Rates before booking.

To book a Reflection, either in person or by e-mail:

*Please note that by its very nature, the randomness of drawing cards can never be 100% accurate, nor can the interpretations of those cards. I will do my very best, however, to find meaning and insight in your Reflection that will help you live more consciously.

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