Practice doesn’t make perfect; it makes permanent. ~ Chuck Miller   Knight of Earth — Persistence in Action from The Orbifold Tarot

Touch the Earth and enter The Void

It is said that after studying with every spiritual master of his time, the Buddha, still unenlightened, sat down under the banyan tree and simply touched the ground. It was at that moment he saw the emptiness of all things and became enlightened. Some say this is only a metaphor, and that the ground he…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #18

  Harnessing Heaven and Earth, ride thought and being deep into the wellspring of your subconscious, emotional core. Find there an abundance of intellectual reasoning that stimulates the mind — just be careful not to overthink; remain grounded in the emotional being, so that the mind does not run away unhitched and undirected. Reserve your…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #17

  A harmonious balance of intent, direction, and implementation leads to pure personal joy, unobstructed and unhindered by confusion. Physically, this feeling of grounded ease gives you freedom to move forward pragmatically — there is no rush. Consider how to carry this state of joy and harmony forward as a seed within your creative being. The elemental relationship…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #15

Making up your mind may require you to balance thought and emotion. Learning this balance strengthens you as an individual, and may inspire leadership. In this role, planning and logistics may become overwhelming without adequate alone-time. Be careful not to let intellectual brilliance override important emotional breakthroughs. Pre-order your Orbifold, available here

Short Musings on the Orbifold #14

Solitary retreat illuminates innermost feelings of intuition, leading to a single-minded, fair decision. Putting this decision to rest grounds you for a new endeavour that quickly nears fruition… but solitude may once again be required before completion. Pre-order your Orbifold today!

Short Musings on the Orbifold #13

Outward calm hides an inner flame. This this ember glows with an intense, but subtle heat. Cultivate that inner creativity through solitude, but beware that emotional pragmatism and isolation do not snuff the flame. Stoke the flame of inner wisdom. Let this flame radiate, contained within the barriers of emotional stability. #SMOTO #13 #OrbifoldTarot Reserve your…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #12

Interior reflection leads to an emotionally intelligent realization of true purpose. #OrbifoldTarot Reserve your Orbifold, now in crowdfunding

Short Musings on the Orbifold #11

Balance is struck in the ground of being. You are personally and individually whole. Sharing that wholeness with a burning passion breaks the stagnancy of an overpowering stillness. Reconcile interior satisfaction with exterior pursuits. P.S. How cool is it that the 11th #SMOTO starts with Justice and ends with 2 Pages (sometimes seen as 11’s)? Reserve your Orbifold,…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #9

The world is your oyster, but you need to stand out from the crowd. Take actions that subvert the traditional, and yet still educate… this is your secret weapon! #OrbifoldTarot #SMOTO