Services & Rates


*All rates are in US Dollars*

I’m currently no longer offering email readings, as I find Skype and in-person reflections more effective.

Skype and live readings:

$20/20 minutes

$50/1 hr

Basic Tarot Reading interaction. Ask your question and share as much or as little information about your situation as you feel comfortable and relevant. I will shuffle and draw cards for you, and interpret them in relation to your question. Depending on the question’s complexity, I will usually draw between 3 and 9 cards. I may create a new spread for you, based on the nature of your question, or use a standard spread. For distance readings, I have various methods of opening choice for you as to how cards are drawn so that you are involved in the process. Or, leave it to fate and have me draw them however it feels right at the time.

I invite in-person and Skype querents to be interactive in their reading and offer their feelings and associations to the cards drawn and anything I might say about them. I’m not interested in validating psychic abilities that I may or may not have. Rather, I’m much more interested in helping you gain insight and develop awareness in such a way that you can manage the situation you are asking about, and have generally found that interactive readings are the most useful to that end.

If your question and further explanation are complex, please consider that when you book. You are welcome to give more in-depth explanations of your situation or what you would like to gain insight on by e-mail during the booking process.


Rate negotiable, minimum $100

Hosting a party, and want to offer something different and entertaining for your guests? Want to provide a fun way for your team to self-reflect? Organizing a community event with a spiritual bent? I’m available for blocks of time at a fair rate, during which people can have quick or in-depth readings, depending on your requirements. Ideally, have a separate area for readings to occur, to provide some privacy. Fun, group exercises are also available.

*For corporate events, please do not ask me to gather and/or share information about things that come up in readings. All information shared is confidential, even in a social atmosphere. When facilitating group readings and activities, nobody is required to share anything they are uncomfortable with in a group setting, and confidentiality within the participant group is expected.*

Tarot tutoring and coaching:

$25/30 minutes, $50/hr

New to reading Tarot? Struggling with understanding an aspect of its structure? Or just looking to branch out and include alternative methods? Sometimes all we need is a little coaching. By no means do I know everything there is to know about Tarot, but I bring a unique perspective and a knack for explaining abstract concepts in an approachable way. I can also help you build on your strengths and give tools for improving your weaknesses. Let’s develop those skills you have, shall we?

Just did a personal reading that you can’t make heads or tails of? It happens to all of us — sometimes our insight is clearer when directed at others, but not so much when we read for ourselves. Often, all we need is a different perspective, and I’m happy to help you with that. Contact me if you need an extra view of your own personal reading — your cards, your spread, my interpretation (or more accurately, our interpretation).

*Please limit these to personal readings and practice readings for your own development. Do not ask for an interpretation for your client and then pass that interpretation off as your own. Shame I have to say it, but this does happen.*