Pairspectives #3: Decision

Our most difficult decisions are probably when both choices seem absolutely equal — in rewards and risks, benefits and sacrifices. This is, of course, what makes them so difficult! When presented with unequal choice, the decisions are not usually so difficult. We may still not necessarily make the “right” choices, due to a number of…

Pairspectives #2: Knowing Choices

This exercise will help you recognize reading patterns, help you develop your intuitive skills, as well as developing discernment around projection vs reality. All of this will in turn help you see through the cards and your own biases to the heart of matters you inquire about.

Using the Orbifold in Meditation and Magick

Tarot practice extends far beyond the divinatory. These principles can unlock aspects of our own consciousness and working with them, we can effect significant changes both in our interior landscape and our exterior world. The abstract geometry of the Orbifold Tarot is the perfect aid to this: they can serve as focus points for meditation,…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #11

Balance is struck in the ground of being. You are personally and individually whole. Sharing that wholeness with a burning passion breaks the stagnancy of an overpowering stillness. Reconcile interior satisfaction with exterior pursuits. P.S. How cool is it that the 11th #SMOTO starts with Justice and ends with 2 Pages (sometimes seen as 11’s)? Reserve your Orbifold,…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #7

Destruction of something worked hard to achieve requires pragmatic distribution of resources invested in a fresh start. Calm the mind’s instability through change by anchoring in the fluid sensations of breath and the feelings associated with change, and avoid reacting against those feelings. Instead, flow with them and let inner wisdom guide. #OrbifoldTarot  

Short Musings on the Orbifold #6

Careful and structured study leads the initiate toward a new level of emotional maturity. The mind learns to express what is in the heart. #OrbifoldTarot  


Just sit. Just observe. Let the deck of the mind shuffle itself, and see what cards come up. Then, just sit with those, just observe. Let the sensations arise, let the emotions be felt, observe, and just be… #OrbifoldTarot

Test Reading, Prisma Visions

My friend Loreen volunteered to be a guinea pig for me to do a test reading with a new deck, the Prisma Visions Tarot (review forthcoming). Loreen is in the process of starting up her intuitive business, and asked about what she needs to do to find her voice, speak more confidently, and release self-doubt. Some…

Interior spring cleaning—Temperance

Like most tarotists, I am fascinated by what cards come off the deck when drawn blindly. There are times, though, that I feel lessons can be learned from specific cards. Those lessons do not have to come from a random pull, but are rather better absorbed from a conscious draw—especially when trends or situations are…

The choice of awareness — 2 of Swords

How often do we act out of reaction, and how often is it truly a conscious choice? We like to think we have free will, and indeed we do, but more often than not we act blindly from conditioned belief and habit. This is reaction, not action. The 2 of swords appropriately conveys this double-edged…