Pairspectives #3: Decision

Our most difficult decisions are probably when both choices seem absolutely equal — in rewards and risks, benefits and sacrifices. This is, of course, what makes them so difficult! When presented with unequal choice, the decisions are not usually so difficult. We may still not necessarily make the “right” choices, due to a number of…

Tarot’s Twos

The next several posts in the Pairspectives series will be spreads based on the tarot’s twos — taking the theme of each card and creating a spread from each theme. In the process, we will inevitably explore aspects of each of these cards themselves, possibly giving new understanding to those cards that can be applied…

Pairspectives #2: Knowing Choices

This exercise will help you recognize reading patterns, help you develop your intuitive skills, as well as developing discernment around projection vs reality. All of this will in turn help you see through the cards and your own biases to the heart of matters you inquire about.

Pairspectives #1: Cut Deep

This is less of a 2-card reading, and more of a one-card reading plus a bias, but it starts moving us out of one-card territory.

Short Musings on the Orbifold #15

Making up your mind may require you to balance thought and emotion. Learning this balance strengthens you as an individual, and may inspire leadership. In this role, planning and logistics may become overwhelming without adequate alone-time. Be careful not to let intellectual brilliance override important emotional breakthroughs. Pre-order your Orbifold, available here

Short Musings on the Orbifold #5

Illumination is not always found in the brightness of full consciousness; sometimes the clearest choices are made when the conscious mind is at rest in the darkness as Venus heralds inspiration—inspiration that splits Earth and Sky wide open at dawn. #OrbifoldTarot

The choice of awareness — 2 of Swords

How often do we act out of reaction, and how often is it truly a conscious choice? We like to think we have free will, and indeed we do, but more often than not we act blindly from conditioned belief and habit. This is reaction, not action. The 2 of swords appropriately conveys this double-edged…