Pairspectives #2: Knowing Choices

This exercise will help you recognize reading patterns, help you develop your intuitive skills, as well as developing discernment around projection vs reality. All of this will in turn help you see through the cards and your own biases to the heart of matters you inquire about.

Circle-casting with the Orbifold Tarot

Continuing with the magick and meditation theme, we delve a little more deeply into elemental magick and the ritual of circle-casting. Although this example shows the circle on the table or altar, it can by all means be cast around you as an actual circle on the floor. Even if you do not cast circles…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #12

Interior reflection leads to an emotionally intelligent realization of true purpose. #OrbifoldTarot Reserve your Orbifold, now in crowdfunding

Short Musings on the Orbifold #9

The world is your oyster, but you need to stand out from the crowd. Take actions that subvert the traditional, and yet still educate… this is your secret weapon! #OrbifoldTarot #SMOTO