Pairspectives #4: The in-Between

One of my favourite Sanskrit mantras dealing with duality appears, at its surface, to expound the virtue of crossing from one side of duality to the other. asato mā sad gamaya, tamaso mā jyotir gamaya, mṛtyor mā amṛtaṃ gamaya Lead me from the unreal to the real; From ignorance to illumination; From death to immortality A…

Pairspectives #3: Decision

Our most difficult decisions are probably when both choices seem absolutely equal — in rewards and risks, benefits and sacrifices. This is, of course, what makes them so difficult! When presented with unequal choice, the decisions are not usually so difficult. We may still not necessarily make the “right” choices, due to a number of…

Tarot’s Twos

The next several posts in the Pairspectives series will be spreads based on the tarot’s twos — taking the theme of each card and creating a spread from each theme. In the process, we will inevitably explore aspects of each of these cards themselves, possibly giving new understanding to those cards that can be applied…

Pairspectives #2: Knowing Choices

This exercise will help you recognize reading patterns, help you develop your intuitive skills, as well as developing discernment around projection vs reality. All of this will in turn help you see through the cards and your own biases to the heart of matters you inquire about.

2-Card Readings: Pairspectives Series

Cards are best viewed in relationship. Here’s an exercise to develop the most important relationship in your life — your relationship with yourself

Circle-casting with the Orbifold Tarot

Continuing with the magick and meditation theme, we delve a little more deeply into elemental magick and the ritual of circle-casting. Although this example shows the circle on the table or altar, it can by all means be cast around you as an actual circle on the floor. Even if you do not cast circles…

Short Musings on the Orbifold #12

Interior reflection leads to an emotionally intelligent realization of true purpose. #OrbifoldTarot Reserve your Orbifold, now in crowdfunding

Short Musings on the Orbifold #6

Careful and structured study leads the initiate toward a new level of emotional maturity. The mind learns to express what is in the heart. #OrbifoldTarot  

Short Musings on the Orbifold #5

Illumination is not always found in the brightness of full consciousness; sometimes the clearest choices are made when the conscious mind is at rest in the darkness as Venus heralds inspiration—inspiration that splits Earth and Sky wide open at dawn. #OrbifoldTarot

Short musings on the Orbifold #4

Ensure actions are grounded, without overthinking the possible results. When action is rooted in being, thought is unnecessary; but when action is simply reactive, the mind is tortured by the results. Reflect upon the emotional impact of action, anchoring the self before action by illuminating the hidden, emotional causes of reactivity. #OrbifoldTarot