Short musing on the Orbifold #1

Following an inevitable end, be careful not to let the mind become stagnant—especially as discursive thought attempts to distract from loss. Refresh the mind through presence. Let this presence anchor emotional maturity. Use this ending provide new perspective and deeper understanding. #OrbifoldTarot


Just sit. Just observe. Let the deck of the mind shuffle itself, and see what cards come up. Then, just sit with those, just observe. Let the sensations arise, let the emotions be felt, observe, and just be… #OrbifoldTarot

Acrostic Tarot

Originally posted on Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways:
An enjoyable, and creative way to pay homage to a tarot card and to gain fresh ideas about it is to use the card as a springboard for an acrostic poem.  To do this, write a card’s name or its keyword vertically on the left side of…