Yes/No Questions and a Technique for Working with them

I often eschew using tarot for yes/no questions. My attitude has always been, “why would you use such a sophisticated tool, capable of extremely nuanced and insightful answers for something you could just toss a coin to answer?” But some time ago I thought of a quick method for answering them. I’ve worked with it a…

2+3=1 : Communicative Tension

I recently watched a YouTube video on the history of writing. Near the end, it summed up the dichotomous tension faced by all written expressions of language — and indeed spoken language as well — the balance between sound and meaning, reader and writer, information and recognition, flexibility and consistency. These dichotomies, and the tension…

Top 3 things to consider when buying a new tarot deck

Tarot deck publishing is big business. There is, it seems, a deck out there for EVERYONE no matter the theme. But, when faced with so much choice, what should you consider before investing in a deck? For me, 3 things are of primary importance: Visual Communication Production Quality Originality There are a few other aspects…

Deck Anatomy

I’ve always viewed tarot as a complete representation of us. No matter which cards are drawn, the entire pack is within us, so every single card is ALWAYS relevant… But of course there are times when certain aspects of ourselves are more prevalent than others.

2-Card Readings: Pairspectives Series

Cards are best viewed in relationship. Here’s an exercise to develop the most important relationship in your life — your relationship with yourself

10 Methods for learning your new deck(s)

We’ve all been there: up late at night on Amazon or Ebay with credit card in hand… and before you know it, 3, 4, or 10 new decks are now part of your collection.

I know your pain. I’ve been there. I am there now. I will be there again.