Short musings on the Orbifold #4

Ensure actions are grounded, without overthinking the possible results. When action is rooted in being, thought is unnecessary; but when action is simply reactive, the mind is tortured by the results. Reflect upon the emotional impact of action, anchoring the self before action by illuminating the hidden, emotional causes of reactivity. #OrbifoldTarot

Short musing on the Orbifold #2

With many opportunities at your disposal, inspiration must meet practicality to complete your goals. Each time these goals are met, however, fresh inspiration is always in the horizon. Just be careful not to let new inspirations obstruct completion of current projects. #OrbifoldTarot

Short musing on the Orbifold #1

Following an inevitable end, be careful not to let the mind become stagnant—especially as discursive thought attempts to distract from loss. Refresh the mind through presence. Let this presence anchor emotional maturity. Use this ending provide new perspective and deeper understanding. #OrbifoldTarot