2+3=1 : Communicative Tension

I recently watched a YouTube video on the history of writing. Near the end, it summed up the dichotomous tension faced by all written expressions of language — and indeed spoken language as well — the balance between sound and meaning, reader and writer, information and recognition, flexibility and consistency. These dichotomies, and the tension…

Deck Anatomy

I’ve always viewed tarot as a complete representation of us. No matter which cards are drawn, the entire pack is within us, so every single card is ALWAYS relevant… But of course there are times when certain aspects of ourselves are more prevalent than others.

2-Card Readings: Pairspectives Series

Cards are best viewed in relationship. Here’s an exercise to develop the most important relationship in your life — your relationship with yourself

Short Musings on the Orbifold #5

Illumination is not always found in the brightness of full consciousness; sometimes the clearest choices are made when the conscious mind is at rest in the darkness as Venus heralds inspiration—inspiration that splits Earth and Sky wide open at dawn. #OrbifoldTarot

Interior spring cleaning—Temperance

Like most tarotists, I am fascinated by what cards come off the deck when drawn blindly. There are times, though, that I feel lessons can be learned from specific cards. Those lessons do not have to come from a random pull, but are rather better absorbed from a conscious draw—especially when trends or situations are…

Let’s 10 of Swords this shit and move on!

  Have you ever thought and discussed a situation to death? Have you ever been so fed up with something that you can taste it? Have you ever agonized over something so much that you’re defeated before even dealing with it? Have you ever been so ready to move on from something that that the…

The choice of awareness — 2 of Swords

How often do we act out of reaction, and how often is it truly a conscious choice? We like to think we have free will, and indeed we do, but more often than not we act blindly from conditioned belief and habit. This is reaction, not action. The 2 of swords appropriately conveys this double-edged…