Short Musings on the Orbifold #15

Making up your mind may require you to balance thought and emotion. Learning this balance strengthens you as an individual, and may inspire leadership. In this role, planning and logistics may become overwhelming without adequate alone-time. Be careful not to let intellectual brilliance override important emotional breakthroughs. Pre-order your Orbifold, available here

Enrique Enriquez and I discuss the Orbifold, Part 4: Sabotage and Subversion

Continuing from structure and randomness‚Ķ E.E: The first metaphor in tarot happens when we shuffle the tarot. There is a carnivalesque stance in this debasement of hierarchies. I associate this with sabotaging reality. Shuffling the deck sabotages the order of the cards just as we, by shuffling the cards, hope to alter our understanding of…