Before booking a reflection, it is always helpful to hear from others about their experiences.

Some recent querents have been kind enough to share their experience of working with me through tarot.

From Loreen, who volunteered for a test-reading with a new deck, the Prisma Visions. Loreen is an intuitive and fellow tarot reader, who was curious to know how the deck reads:

What a great experience. I truly enjoy your insights and your perspective! Your clients are fortunate to have you!!

First, I must thank you for the beautiful, thoughtful and profound reading. I truly appreciate it.

The deck is just spectacular and I adore your connection between the AoP and Judgement with the door analogy! Profound!

The connection to the elements was simply fantastic – thank you for that – it truly gave me perspective and a witness to my own being that I was missing.

I think that your assessment of the courts surrounding the Ace are SPOT on and speak clearly to me. The “bridge” of the throat in particular sends chills up my spine as I frequently use the bridge as my method for getting from point A, to where I desire to be, point B – rarely do I leap and wait for a net – now I move forward and the bridge is revealed to me in divine timing.

Thank you for helping me to see at a much deeper level my closed door, my restricted energy and offering me a clear path to open that door up to share my voice and allow in my prosperity.

From Matt, who had an in-person Tarot Reflection

Thank you for the honest tarot spread! There are too many “readers” out there who just tell you what you want to hear. Michael helped clarify a lot of issues that I had been wondering about, which helped me deal with letting go of a past relationship. There is no “fluffiness” about his style of tarot reading. I recommend him to anyone who wants a solid, honest answer.

From Hazellie, a fellow tarotist who needed some help interpreting a spread she did herself about an important decision. Hazellie sent photos of her spread and I recreated the spread at home (we both luckily had the same deck) and we text-messaged about the possible interpretations, and we chat about tarot often:

Michael is one of the most insightful tarot readers I have had the pleasure of knowing. In fact, he and I became friends because we bonded over an interesting discussion of a tarot reading. I am constantly impressed by the unique perspectives he brings into reading the tarot cards; he sees connections most people miss, and his interpretation of the cards have such depth of knowledge to them. I always enjoy our tarot discussions and learn so much just by hanging out with him. I often seek his insight for some of my own readings. He has become someone I truly admire, both as a friend and as a tarot reader.

Would you like to share your testimonial, or experience a personalized reflection?

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