Deck Creators’ Creative Processes

Recently, Theresa Reed, otherwise known as The Tarot Lady and Author of the widely successful Tarot Coloring Book, asked me if I’d like to be interviewed for a post about tarot creators and their process.

Of course, I jumped at the chance and said YES! I love talking creative stuff and sharing my process, and I also love hearing about how other creatives arrive at their work.

Here’s an excerpt from my answer on where I find creative inspiration:

Despite finding inspiration from as many sources as I can, I will say that for me, it usually starts with an idea, a word, or concept. I then start to do visual research: I try to take photos in my environment, turning my eye toward things that have a look that I’m after or that communicate my concept in various ways. If I don’t find that kind of visual stimulation in my environment, then I will turn to books or online image searches. At that point, it’s more about seeing what other artists are doing so that I can both stay current, but also try not to repeat what’s already out there too much. It’s a fine line sometimes between creating something that is visually relevant and appealing, and at the same time being innovative. It’s at this stage that I’ll start sketching or creating something to feel out what I’ve collected and pair that library of information with the initial concept, exploring how to communicate that.

You can read the full post on The Tarot Lady’s Blog. It’s fascinating to read what Ryan Edward, Bronwyn Walls and Aleisha Fitz, and Courtney Alexander have to say about their processes too!

A huge thank you to Theresa for thinking of and including me, and another thank you to Ryan, Bronwyn, Aleisha, and Courtney for sharing their experiences with Theresa and all of us.

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