The Visual I Ching by Oliver Perrottet

Sometimes I feel like I’m single-handedly keeping my postman employed… I’ve not posted everything he’s brought me of late, but I had to post this little gem (which arrived with something else I’ll post later): The Visual I Ching!


It is such a cute little set with 64 mini cards of all the hexagrams, depicted simply and visually: Water over Lake, or Thunder over Wind, for instance. Then there are 8 slightly larger cards (close to poker size) of the 8 trigrams, Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, and Earth.


Also in the kit:
– a little fold out diagram of all 64 cards
– a fold out spread poster (can’t call it a cloth, cuz, well, it’s paper) for an 8-card spread or for looking at the interactions between the 8 Trigrams
– a small blank journal for notes, diagrams, or whatever the heck you want!
– and finally a really great guidebook that includes games and exercises, interpretations of all the cards, and a very clear albeit simplified view and explanation of the I Ching system


All that for like $20 off ebay (all brand new, too). Very happy 🙂

Each of the 8 trigrams is one basic color, and they combine on the 64 hexagrams to make a 2-color card (unless the trigrams repeat upper and lower). This makes for a really easy to read or easy to identify version of the I Ching. A bonus for me is that the card back and cover designs of all the materials is Navy and Gold—one of my favorite color combos, and a nice break from the Imperial Red often associated with anything Asian (along with black and white, of course).

The only thing I wish is that the cards were bigger, or a bigger version of the cards were available. But, given that they are so simple, visually, small is actually OK.

This will make a great compliment to the I Ching Holitzka deck that I also love. The I Ching was probably the first divinatory system I was exposed to, way back when I was a little kid 🙂

I didn’t really learn the system, though, I just threw coins and played around with it through (my mom’s) I Ching coloring book. Now it’s time to return to the I Ching and actually learn it!

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