Tarot’s Twos

The next several posts in the Pairspectives series will be spreads based on the tarot’s twos — taking the theme of each card and creating a spread from each theme. In the process, we will inevitably explore aspects of each of these cards themselves, possibly giving new understanding to those cards that can be applied well beyond the Pairspectives series.

This is a great way to design spreads in general: if you’re ever unsure about what spread to use or how many cards to draw, just draw one card to give you an idea on what direction to take the spread and what to focus on, as well as seeing how many cards to use for the spread. Or, sometimes the question/situation sounds like a particular card from the deck — knowing that, you can design your spread from that card.

In addition to helping you determine how many cards to use and what direction or focus the spread has, the image may also give you some ideas about the exact layout and positions of each card, depending on which deck you use.

It’s also a great way to study individual cards, as creating spreads from them opens each card up in ways you might previously have not done before. I may explore these concepts more in future posts.

For now though, start thinking about each of tarot’s twos, and how you might design a spread based on them:

  • What would their intent be?
  • How would you use both cards?
  • What kind of questions would each spread be useful for?

You can also take out your twos and contemplate two-ness itself:

  • What does each card express about twos?
  • How is two-ness expressed differently from suit to suit?
  • What do twos have in common?
  • Where do twos play roles in your life?
  • What is the nature of duality — where does it come from, what is its function?

I’m sure you will come up with creative and innovative methods on your own — and stay tuned for my versions of these spreads, which will also explore each of the cards they are based on to a greater or lesser degree.

First up: Two of Air (Swords)

Can’t wait? Visit this early post on the Two of Swords to get you going!

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(Image by Moni)

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