Lovers’ Links — a Simple Love Meditation

In the interest of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d explore a meditation based on the Orbifold Tarot’s Lovers card, which can be done as a devotional practice for your lover or deity, as a couple to be done together, or as a single person for some good old self-love 🙂

To begin, let’s look at the aspects that make up this card. It is rooted in the basic duality of Fire and Water, Masculine and Feminine, Doing and Feeling, Action and Emotion, Passion and Sensuality.

First, visualize a sphere. If you are familiar with Chi balls, create one. As you create your sphere, either visually or energetically, create it with the element you are more familiar with, either Fire or Water.

Feel the temperature, weight, and qualities of the sphere. For Fire, feel it warm, light, bright, rising, and radiating in nature; for Water, feel it cool, fluid, heavy, descending, and absorptive. If practicing with a lover, have one partner create a Fire sphere, and the other a Water sphere. If alone, start with just one.

Explore as many aspects of your Element in your sphere and in your experience. Get in touch with the masculine, active, and passionate qualities within yourself for Fire; the feminine, emotive, and sensual aspects for Water.

Once your sphere is clear, and you are experiencing the Element within yourself, pull the sphere apart into two spheres — create the opposite Element from the original sphere and see how the opposites are related and create each other. If practicing alone, the second sphere represents your lover, devotional deity, or the aspect of yourself that you want to generate harmony with.

Then, let your original sphere collapse into its opposite in the second sphere, so if you started with Fire, the Fire sphere will collapse into the Water sphere, and the reverse if you started with Water.

Once again, embody as much of this second Element as possible, while recognizing that these are the qualities of your lover, your deity, or the other aspect of yourself.


If practicing with a partner, trade Elemental spheres with your lover: the bearer of Fire becomes the bearer of Water and all it entails, and the bearer of Water now bears Fire and all its qualities. Try to have the spheres pass through each other as you pass them between you. You hold your lover’s qualities in your sphere, and your lover now holds your qualities in theirs.

Repeat this process (whether alone or with your partner) until you have embodied the Fire sphere 3 times and the Water sphere 3 times — Fire melting into Water, Water melting into Fire. Try to feel in these transitions, the qualities of Fire and Water dancing with each other, mixing in harmony within you.


Finally, hold a single sphere that merges Fire and Water, Passion and Sensuality, Doing and Feeling, together in harmony. Absorb the sphere and all of its qualities — not only of the Element, but of your lover, deity, or that part of yourself you seek to integrate through love — into you.

If doing this with your beloved, hold the sphere between you. Split the sphere one last time, but this time each half containing equal parts Fire and Water. Absorb the sphere containing aspect of you and aspects of your lover into your chest.

Let it settle within your chest and fill your heart from all sides, front and back, left and right, top and bottom. Soften the inner chamber of your ribcage and allow Fire and Water to mingle in harmony.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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