Using the Orbifold in Meditation and Magick

Tarot practice extends far beyond the divinatory. These principles can unlock aspects of our own consciousness and working with them, we can effect significant changes both in our interior landscape and our exterior world.

The abstract geometry of the Orbifold Tarot is the perfect aid to this: they can serve as focus points for meditation, acting like the mandalas, yantras, sigils, and seals used throughout the world to not only for meditation, but for magick as well.

Here, I explain how you can use the Orbifold’s system of elements and number to create and execute your own spells, or as magickal substitutes for traditional ingredients by tapping into the elemental essence and intensity of each card.

This is just a beginning… you can use the Aces to define the cardinal directions when casting your circle, you can place cards together in mojo bags or under crystals, use them in combination with your own sigils… the possibilities are infinite!

How will you use your Orbifold Tarot?

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