Test Reading, Prisma Visions

My friend Loreen volunteered to be a guinea pig for me to do a test reading with a new deck, the Prisma Visions Tarot (review forthcoming).

Loreen is in the process of starting up her intuitive business, and asked about what she needs to do to find her voice, speak more confidently, and release self-doubt.

Some interesting things…


I drew 5 cards as they “fell out” of the deck, with no specific positions assigned. The other two are the “deep card” from the bottom of the deck and a card I drew consciously that relates both to your question and one of the cards in this particular deck.

There’s a few overall things to look at first. I found it pretty interesting that all three court cards are “in their element”: King of Swords is Air of Air, Queen of cups is Water of Water, and Page of Pentacles is Earth of Earth. So already that says to me that those elements are where they should be for you. Not only that, but with the King and Queen flanking the Ace, your intellect and emotions are ready to enter the door and move into the earthly realm—in other words, your intuitive business is ready to go, but it is new. Intuition, to me, is the merging of both Air and Water, feeling and intellect. Feeling and intellect are ready to work together and enter a more material expression: all you have to do is walk through the door.

What’s also interesting about this arrangement, especially pertaining to your question, is that the Queen of Cups could be said to reside in the heart, and the King of Swords in the head. Between them is the throat, the instrument through which we speak. Often in new-agey circles, we address communication centrally at the throat chakra, but we forget about the throat’s role as a bridge between head and heart—not only energetically, but physically too. Often, difficulty in “finding your voice” stems from the mind’s suppression of emotion, and that suppression causes tension in the throat, leading to a feeling of being “stuck” at and around the throat and neck. With that in mind, we can view the Ace of Pentacles (Discs, Chakras) as showing that the chakra is only half-open. At the moment, the Queen and King are on opposing sides of the throat. These masters of their elements need to converge and work together for that door to really open.

This is why I consciously drew the Judgement card: in this deck, it shows that door wide open, with a warm and welcoming vortex pulling you through. See if you can develop the Ace of Pentacles’ door in to Judgement’s door and answer that calling.

Then we have the Page of Pentacles, the deep card, supporting this relationship. As Earth, the Page could be advising you not only of softening tension in the heart, neck, and throat, but also of finding your ground through your feet. At the same time, the Page represents newness, being a beginner at something, or inexperience. So where your intellect and emotional skills are mature, you may have a tendency to become ungrounded (not uncommon for intuitives, who often reside a little bit out-of-body). This is suggesting that you are less experienced, or less mature in having your feet on the ground. This is really important to address because the more stable you are in the earth element, the more freely your head and heart will communicate. As soon as you feel ungrounded, tensions show up in the body that can restrict communication between head and heart, and subsequently, communication of your intuitive skills to the client.

Finding the rootedness that the Page somewhat lacks will also be crucial in developing your business. As a new venture, it could either mean to make sure you keep yourself well rooted, or it could mean that you should make your policies concrete and clear, to avoid having your clients “uproot” you or make you feel at all unstable during or after readings, which will in turn impact your ability to communicate clearly.

We then move on to the Majors that came out, which I think may give you even more direction about HOW to find your voice and what direction to go in. Death and the Hierophant are an interesting combination, especially in this deck because I get a strong feeling of the Devil being alluded to in this Hierophant. Part of what may be holding you back is your belief in structure and organized learning—things like certifications and credentials. Perhaps you feel that credentials are important, or even a necessity for people to take you seriously, rather than relying on your skills and experience. Death says, “while you will never stop learning, let go of your ideas around organized education.” And this is somewhat reflected by the deeper representation within the Hierophant of the Devil. He is someone we often fear, but usually for the wrong reasons: The Devil is really a teacher—the Hierophant plus 10; learning brought into the next cycle. Like Death, the Devil is also saying, “let go of your ideas surrounding institutionalization, of following rules.” Instead, be the guide or teacher YOU want to be… beyond that, be the teacher you ARE.

Death, The Hierophant, and that hinted Devil are supporting the first 3 cards, reminding you that you have it all in you, you just have to let go of that thought-suppressed aspect of emotion that may be constricting your ability to truly use your full voice. Perhaps the way your King is suppressing your Queen and causing restriction is because of those beliefs in orthodoxy. I also feel that part of what’s holding you back is that you judge yourself too harshly; that you get in your own way because of what you *think* you *should* say, versus what you *feel* you *need* to say. Use your powers of judgement and intellect to give you discernment and help you make good decisions about what to say when to say it, but also give yourself the freedom to say what you really feel you need to. Being honest with yourself, and in touch with the physical sensations around your emotions will become that fountain the Queen is riding on, and the butterflies the King is guiding. That honesty, “speaking from the heart” will not only give you more confidence, but it’ll soften your chest and neck, and it’ll open doors, both interiorly and materially.

Use the advanced intellect of the King to articulate your Queen’s feelings effectively, not to suppress her. Keep your feet on the ground, marry thought and emotion, and open that door wide!

Below are some close-ups of each card, for you to study more closely.

IMG_1489 IMG_1490 IMG_1491 IMG_1492 IMG_1488IMG_1493 IMG_1494

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  1. Loreen says:

    First, I must thank you for the beautiful, thoughtful and profound reading. I truly appreciate it.
    The deck is just spectacular and I adore your connection between the AoP and Judgement with the door analogy! Profound!
    The connection to the elements was simply fantastic – thank you for that – it truly gave me perspective and a witness to my own being that I was missing.
    I think that your assessment of the courts surrounding the Ace are SPOT on and speak clearly to me. The “bridge” of the throat in particular sends chills up my spine as I frequently use the bridge as my method for getting from point A, to where I desire to be, point B – rarely do I leap and wait for a net – now I move forward and the bridge is revealed to me in divine timing.

    I additionally found it VERY interesting to read your information on the Page – my “ungrounded” feeling comes from, I believe, having absolutely no foundation on which to stand at this point in my life. I recently lost my home, my income, my savings, etc. and am starting over at ground zero financially and it feels VERY “ungrounded”. You stated “the more stable you are in the earth element, the more freely your head and heart will communicate” – you are profoundly accurate in that statement. I do so feel the uncertainty of following my heart (pursuing my intuitive business) when my head says but, you have no income, no home, no ground to stand on = you should go get a crappy job. “As soon as you feel ungrounded, tensions show up in the body that can restrict communication between head and heart” – it’s as if you are having a direct conversation with my guides because that rings so TRUE!

    And because these lovely Majors showed up for you I simply must share so that you know how profound this deck is… that I grew up in a religious cult… from which all my issues stem. In particular, I silenced my voice at the age of 9 and just now am finding the strength to reveal it. So Death of the Hierophant – Yes please 😉 Far more profound to me than perhaps you could realize. I believe I hide behind the “credentials” because they are the societal “signs” of value and worthiness whereas in my life I was told I had none. You stated, “let go of your ideas surrounding institutionalization, of following rules.” And I thank you for that beautiful statement of permission – I will indeed embrace the Death of my past Heirophant.
    Well now – that Judgment piece was another profound add. You are truly gifted Michael! Not that you need the validation but, I want to offer it because this adds another level of depth and understanding and for me, accuracy and validation of my experience. I do judge myself far too harshly – thank you for again, witnessing and then giving me the permission I need to give myself to have the freedom I desire to say what I feel I need to and to be honest with myself. If what you say is true here: “speaking from the heart will not only give you more confidence, but it’ll soften your chest and neck, and it’ll open doors, both interiorly and materially.” then you have truly given me the master key I was searching for.

    Thank you for helping me to see at a much deeper level my closed door, my restricted energy and offering me a clear path to open that door up to share my voice and allow in my prosperity.


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    1. Maveriker says:

      You are most welcome. It was a fun reading, and I’m so happy to hear it hit home for you!

      Feel free to come back and share how it all works out for you 🙂


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